Head to Head with Vicky Fordham-Lewis and Jo Causon with the Institute of Customer Service

We are delighted to announce that Vicky Fordham-Lewis, Managing Director for Osborne Property Services, has been invited to join the Institute of Customer Service in its series of Senior Leaders Head to Head interviews.

Hosted by Jo Causon, CEO Institute of Customer Service, the half hour webinar session on Friday 23rd July at 10.00am, will explore the challenges, successes, and innovations that we have experienced during a very challenging period.

We are a customer-focused service provider that has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure people’s homes have remained safe. As keyworkers, Vicky will be discussing how we tackled the many challenges that were presented to us, through the numerous rule changes and phases of this pandemic whilst protecting our customers and our people.

Join Vicky and Jo on Friday 23rd July at 10.00am to gain some invaluable insights and motivation to business continuity through the past 16 months.