Tracy Rebelo Qualifies in Finance Business Partnering

Osborne wishes to congratulate Tracy Rebelo on achieving her Level 7 Diploma in Finance and Business Partnering.

Tracy, our Finance Business Partner, has been with Osborne team for 6 years and plays a crucial role within our Senior Management team, contributing to its ongoing development and success. Tracy, eager to enhance her personal development, and to make a significant transformation in the way our business operates, started her qualification just over a year ago.

The knowledge and skills gained from this course will be used to transition the current financial system which currently provides reports, to one which partners with different aspects of the business, to enable insight which will help to influence strategies and decision making. The transition of this function to a Key Business Partner will allow us invaluable understanding, driving efficiencies with streamlined processes and cost-saving benefits. This collaborative approach to finance will enhance relationships, and contribute to our continuous learning approach.

Vicky Fordham-Lewis, Managing Director commented: “Osborne believes in investing in its people, and this is an excellent example of that. Congratulations to Tracy on achieving this qualification and for all the hard work that went into it over the past year.”

Tracy told us: “I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to study again. I am delighted to have completed a Level 7 Certification in Finance Business Partnering with CIPFA during this challenging time and am looking forward to optimizing the FBP model within our business during 2021 and beyond.”