Osborne secures a place on the South East Consortium Framework

Osborne has secured a place on the South East Consortium (SEC) framework for responsive repairs, voids, and planned works.

The initial five year framework is worth £500m and available across the whole of England and Wales.

This is the first Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) model in place for public procurement organisation, South East Consortium and has been designed with their customers needs in mind. With a consortium of 44 social landlords who manage roughly 443,000 properties, the DPS provides a quick, effective, and compliant solution to manage their repairs, voids and planned maintenance projects.

In securing a place on the framework, Osborne will be able to bid for these public sector works, creating opportunities to support its ambitious growth plans.

Vicky Fordham-Lewis: ‘It is a testament to Osborne that we have been selected to be a part of this framework. We look forward to the partnerships that will be created through the works we derive from the DPS framework.’

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