TPAS and Osborne – Leading Organisations to Net Zero

Osborne are joining the launch of Net Zero Week hosted by leading tenant engagement experts, Tpas and PlaceShapers.  The week is aimed to bring together the challenges and questions organisations, residents and tenants are experiencing and how we can work together to decarbonise homes.

To kick off the launch of Net Zero Carbon Week, Vicky Fordham-Lewis, Managing Director for Osborne Property Services, will join the Tpas panel to share her experience on how she is leading the business and taking her people on a new exciting, yet unknown journey, through informing, educating and continuous learning.

Net Zero refers to achieving a balance between the amount of Greenhouse Gas emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere.

From a recent survey, we have learned that nearly two-thirds of social housing residents have never heard of ‘net zero’ yet it’s a high priority on the housing agenda.  Tackling climate change needs to be a shared goal for landlords, residents and other stakeholders if we are to stand any chance of succeeding. We’ve all got a part to play.

Jenny Osbourne, Tpas commented: ‘I am delighted to have Osborne join us as apart of Net Zero week. The relationship between landlords, contractors and residents will be crucial to getting this work right’.

Vicky Fordham-Lewis, Osborne Property Services said: ‘We recognise that this really is new territory for organisations and residents, with many challenges ahead.   Working towards central Governments commitment of being Net Zero by 2050, means that we need to work together collaboratively to find the best mechanisms, tools and processes to deliver a seamless customer service, where residents will benefit from healthier and safer homes.

If you would like to see the panel debate, please click the link below: