Construction needs female role models to highlight what is possible

Osborne is playing its part to attract female talent into the construction industry and give that talent opportunities to grow and prosper.  The 14% industry average is simply not acceptable. The Osborne Property Services business is bucking this trend with female talent now 38% of the workforce.

Osborne Property Services business is preparing for further growth and is attracting the best talent ensuring that we have the right people, in the right roles, at the right time.  With clear succession plans, we are able to provide opportunity for individuals to grow and prosper so as they stay. Very recently we have developed a further three female colleagues into senior roles, each charged with driving change, efficiencies, and improvements in our business services.

Chantel Thompson Operations Manager is being developed to oversee the operational delivery of our carbon zero offering with our Greater London Authority (GLA) Innovation partnership framework. This is a fantastic period for Chantel to progress her management skills as we commit to delivering on the government’s 2050 Carbon Zero pledge.

Hannah Watson is now leading a team as Business Support Team Manager.  Her promotion comes after playing an integral role within the purchasing team where she built strong relationships with our operational workforce and supply chain partners.  As Manager, Hannah will drive efficient, effective, and value for money across her department.

Chelsea Hodgson was recently promoted to Head of Business Development and sits at Board level within Property Services. Having spent three years as our Senior Estimator, Chelsea’s passion to positively impact our housing sector, has seen her grow an ambitious bid team built for success.

Vicky Fordham-Lewis Managing Director, Osborne Property Services and a strong female role model within our industry commented: ‘I am very proud to have such a strong representation of women working across our business, bridging the gap of gender inequality.

With an aging workforce and fewer young people choosing construction, the industry remains in dire need of those with the appropriate skills. We welcome everyone here at Osborne and encourage an inclusive culture, so please get in touch – we would love to hear from you!