Osborne are ‘InForm’ for DfE Framework

Osborne has been appointed to the Department for Education’s 2021 Construction Framework for two lots in London and the South East.

The Osborne InForm solution meets the DfE output specification and utilises an In -house offsite manufacturer specialist. This enables Osborne to deliver 17-20% of the build value within the group adopting iFast panels, concrete floors, stairs and roof with a 60-year design life.

The InForm standardised solution delivers 68% pre-manufactured value, maximising the benefits of lower carbon design and in house MMC capability. InForm fully meets the boundaries of the DfE funding model and minimises both embodied and operational carbon through the RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessment stages,

Osborne Built Environment Managing Director Gordon Kew commented;

“We must do everything we possibly can to minimise the impact of education buildings and their operation on our planet.

 With our InForm standardised solution 58% of the embodied carbon is sequestered/stored within the timber over the building’s life.  Timber solutions have, on average, 75% less embodied carbon than masonry and metal-based build methods.

 Our offsite manufactured component tolerances of InForm achieve improved air tightness of 3m3/hr/m2@50 pascals. Our thermal modelling demonstrates the thermal bridged solution achieves external wall U-value: 0.15W/m2K reducing energy usage and carbon emissions.

 Understanding this detail really is the only way for us to collaborate and provide a sustainable low carbon school estate for future generations.”