Osborne Supporting the Future of Business with an Enterprise Day

Osborne and Slough Borough Council attended the engaging and interactive Herschel Grammar School Enterprise Day. There was a total of 150 enthusiastic students, all aged between 11-12 years old.  Placed into groups of 6, students were asked to create a new start-up business. For this, they followed a business planning model by initially designing their own business plan, followed by the product design, a proposed manufacturing and proactive marketing of a Mini Van fleet.

Students who worked together as a team, had to consider their target markets (audience), predict potential problems they may encounter (risk and opportunity management), devise an appropriate marketing and sales strategy (route to market), consider how they would ensure good financial management (commercial value) and create a design for the vans.

From concept to design through to proposed outcomes, students eagerly presented their hard creative work to a panel of business experts.

The enterprise day brought together enthused energy, excitement, creative thinking, fantastic team-work and brilliant leaning for our budding entrepreneurs.

Osborne is future-focused and supporting the future generations in the expanse of their knowledge and expertise will always be an area of focus to include in our business planning.