Attending my first Ask Me Anything Session (AMA) with Managing Director Vicky

My name is Sairah and last week I attended my first AMA Session with our MD Vicky Fordham-Lewis. As a new starter, working in the Communications and Social Value Team for Property Services, I received an invite to join the session to meet Vicky and ask any questions!

Vicky began the session by asking every individual how they are, how they are settling in, and how they were finding Osborne so far. Vicky had a warm and welcoming demeanour which made me feel at ease and welcomed throughout the session.

The tone of the meeting was informal, and it was great to see the many faces from all facets of the business. The people in attendance ranged from call handlers to operatives and fellow administrators.

I was able to feedback to Vicky on how much I’ve enjoyed my first month working for Osborne. I’ve learned a lot about the business, and I’ve also been welcomed with open arms by the rest of the Osborne team. Another piece of feedback was from the new starter, Melanie. She spoke to Vicky at length about how she came to work at Osborne and how pleased she was with her on-boarding.

It was great to hear from a group of new operatives who openly spoke to Vicky about some of their concerns. Vicky welcomed and addressed all these concerns, and I think we all felt confident that any feedback we gave would be addressed and change would be actioned.

I quite quickly realised throughout the session – you can ask anything here at Osborne!

After the AMA session, my colleague Kelly and I spoke about how we found it.

Kelly Rowlands: ‘I liked that it was an open discussion and felt like I could express my feelings on things that matter to me.’

I couldn’t agree with her more.

AMA sessions are held bi-monthly with the next one scheduled for 31st May 2022 at 9 am. All new recruits are invited to attend, as well as anyone else who has a question to raise. Additionally, MD Briefings are every six months and provide an opportunity to share business updates, contract awards, and branch performance.