Osborne welcomes Ukranian Site Manager

Osborne has appointed Igor Novak as a site manager on the Andover Estate project. Igor came to the UK under the Ukrainian Refugee Sponsorship Scheme

Senior Project Manager Alex Land commented “Igor will fulfil a crucial role supporting the construction of new homes for London Brough of Islington. This collaboration with LB Islington, Igor and Osborne is a win-win for everyone, Igor can work to support his family and the UK economy, and we benefit from Igor’s experience and construction skills at a time of increasing demand for skilled resources.”

The Ukrainian Refugee Sponsorship Scheme is designed to match Ukrainians and their families who do not have established families in the country with Britons, so they can legally come the UK. These refugees will be eligible to work, access state benefits and public services. Further details of the scheme can be found in this link