Connor McGarry Career Path

At Osborne, we value our staff and want to always ensure we accommodate and support growth. Through our workforce programme, our people are provided with the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills into their chosen career pathway.

Here, Connor tells us his story of how he began working for us and through investment, how his career has developed.

I completed a degree in Politics, History, and International Relations and wasn’t sure on where I wanted to start my career. An opportunity arose at Osborne, and whilst I had no construction experience, I was keen to explore the position of Commercial Trainee.  I started the role working alongside another trainee and our Quantity Surveyor, Natalie Hinds on a contract. After a robust three-month induction programme, and development training, I was transferred to support another contract which proved to be a great training ground for myself and my fellow trainee.  This on-the-job experience enabled us to learn the ins and outs of being a Quantity Surveyor. After 18 months and with a wider understating of the skills required for a Quantity Surveyor, I was eager to gain the training required so I could become a qualified.

Assistant Quantity Surveyor (Apr-21 – Apr -22):

An opportunity arose for someone to step in as an Assistant Quantity Surveyor to which I applied and was successful. This gave me extra responsibility and vast exposure to the day-to-day running of a contract. I learned invaluable experience from the operational team and from our Senior Quantity Surveyor, David Harris which has allowed me to progress even further within the business.

Quantity Surveyor (Apr-22 – NOW):

I was promoted to my current role of Quantity Surveyor in April 2022, gaining further responsibilities which include assisting across contracts and supporting our Commercial Apprentices through mentoring and coaching. I really enjoy what I do and value the support provided throughout my ongoing development.

Congratulations to Connor, and thank you for all your hard work. It is admirable to see how far you have come. You are an asset to the Osborne team.