Osborne join the Foxborough Ward Surgery

Council-held surgeries are interesting and helpful places where residents can have face-to-face discussions with council representatives, police, fire, housing, and more. We attend these surgeries, as being part of these discussions can ensure any feedback from residents is heard and actioned. Working in collaboration with the council and residents is the best way to ensure high service standards.

Our Resident Liaison Officer Mary-Ann Johnson, and Customer Care Coordinator Gurinder Sidhu, joined the Foxborough Ward Surgery in October to represent Osborne. They had been invited along to the event to answer questions from residents relating to their housing.

There was a great turnout at the event and lots of valuable discussions were had with the community members who attended. The residents were able to have discussions with Mary-Ann and Gurinder to find out more about Osborne and the service we provide. They were also able to raise any concerns they had about the properties where they lived. These discussions translated into position outcomes for our residents building on our delivery success.

Our standard of service and resident welfare is always at the heart of what we do, and meeting directly with our community allows us to often resolve issues quicker.