Supporting a community to save money and help our environment

With summer fast approaching, customers in Arun are taking steps to save money and help the environment by collecting rainwater with water butts.  We were pleased to support this initiative by installing 200 litre water butts into our local community.

The installation of the water butts complements and supports the raised veg-beds we recently built with the handy skills of our Operative, Steve.  Customers of Stanley Court Sheltered Scheme are reaping the benefits of their home-grown vegetables. Most importantly their community garden provides a space where they come together with a shared passion to create a sustainable system that they are proud to have achieved as friends.

One 200 litre water butt is located close to the vegetable garden, while the other is set in the ornamental flower garden. This allows customers  to access collected rainwater, reducing water usage. According to water companies, a 200 litre water butt could save 1,000 litres of water every year. They also minimise the amount of rainwater entering our sewers, which can help prevent sewer flooding.

The fresh produce from the vegetable garden is being shared and sold at a very low cost to residents, with money raised going back into the garden project. This initiative not only promotes sustainable living but also encourages community involvement and healthy eating habits.

Jo Fletcher, Head of Engagement commented: ‘Its inspiring to see how Stanley Court Sheltered Scheme is setting an excellent example for other communities to follow, demonstrating that small changes can make a big impact on the environment’.

Dave, Customer of Stanley Court Sheltered Scheme

  I would like to thank Osborne for the supply and install of the large water butts which enables us to provide the recycle water to feed our vegetables/plants and of course to save water,”