Our Story

Osborne was founded in 1966 in Chichester by Geoffrey Osborne. A civil engineer by training, Geoffrey Osborne believed that if you did your very best for your customers and treated them fairly they would trust you and treat you fairly in return. Sadly he’s no longer with us, but we’re proud to uphold his beliefs and values and to be part of something special. The Osborne family remain our shareholders. Andrew Osborne became Chairman of the Group in 2012 having joined the company in 1998.

Our vision recognises that in order to position ourselves as the very best choice for our customers we have to constantly innovate to drive increasing productivity and services for customers and the end users of their assets.

Creativity is fuelled by empowered vibrant and diverse teams that challenge the status quo, persuasively articulate a deep and thorough understanding of customer needs and provide substantiating evidence with every solution offered.

Making you successful is our mission that everyone should be successful at every level and in every organisation involved in every project. The essence is to always seek understanding of what success looks like for the other person in every personal touch point and engagement.

Our purpose is to improve people’s lives through our work in the built environment and in doing so to grow our reputation with our customers, supply chain and the communities we work in and provide meaningful, enjoyable careers for our people.

Our Learning Organisation culture is the foundation of driving continuous improvement and innovation, openly sharing our learning from mistakes and successes, continually improving operating procedures, behaviours, personal feedback and best practice.