Business Leaders

Our business leaders report to Group Chief Executive Dave Smith and work alongside Dave and Group Finance Director Stuart Hammond. This team leads our contracting activities and is comprised of our operating business managing directors and the group directors of our corporate functions. In addition, we have a dedicated development director for Residential and PBSA and a managing director for our off-site construction specialist Innovaré Systems, who also report to the  Group Chief Executive.

Gordon Kew – Managing Director Built Environment

Gordon joined Osborne in November 2020 and is passionate about improving the long-term performance of the Construction Industry, developing new ways of working and embracing the many benefits associated with modern methods of construction.

Gordon has a wealth of experience from within the construction and engineering sectors. Starting his career with John Laing, Gordon spent some time overseas and has held senior project and business leadership roles across a wide range of markets including commercial, education, residential and health.

Pete Blunt – Managing Director Innovaré Systems

Pete joined Innovaré Systems as a Director in 2007 and was appointed Managing Director in 2011. Prior to joining Innovaré Systems Pete was a specialist consultant in Off-Site Construction with Mtech Consult Limited. Pete is passionate about driving innovation and simplifying the offsite manufacture and construction process for customers. Pete leads an in-house team dedicated to reducing on-site construction time and creating more energy efficient buildings that significantly reduce whole life operational and maintenance costs.

Sarah Taylor – Group People Director

Recognising the increasing pace of change and the critical role a learning organisation culture has on impactful continuous improvement, Sarah is leading our People Strategy, ensuring that we have the calibre of skills and resources necessary to deliver the promises we make to our customers.  Her innovative resourcing strategies are designed to attract and retain  a more inclusive and diverse talent; an approach that is proven to create higher performing teams that both mirror our customers’ goals and reflect the communities in which we work.

Sarah has invested in an enhanced “Learning Management System” to ensure that we can efficiently maintain our existing competencies and importantly develop the crucial new skills necessary to meet emerging customer needs.  Providing well qualified, engaged and highly motivated people that embrace the ideals of a Learning Organisation helps us to guarantee the quality of our services, products and aftercare to our customers.

With over 20 years of experience as an international human resources leader, Sarah joined Osborne in 2015 to align our people strategies to our business performance and enhance our service delivery.  Sarah has previously worked with global brands as diverse as Warner Brothers, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson and GE Captial and is an Accredited Ashridge Executive Coach.

Richard King – Group Marketing & Communications Director

Richard is a member of the Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR) Industry Steering Group. Through participation in this forum, Richard along with key customers and like-minded organisations, seeks to make our industry a more attractive and safe place to work for people from every background.

Richard was a Director of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (Southern) for eight years, two as Chairman. He strives to encourage greater cross industry collaboration to more openly share industry learning and best practice. Richard is passionate about creating an environment where our industry can attract the very best talent, whilst also being recognised for improving the lives and opportunities for the end users of the projects and environments that our Industry delivers.

With over 37 years’ dedicated service to Osborne, Richard is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Chartered Marketer. As a Non-Executive Director of Innovaré Systems from 2010 to 2015, Richard retains a keen interest in the economic and environmental benefits of off-site construction. Richard was appointed as a group director in 2016 and now specialises in marketing, value propositions and customer strategies.

Mark Taylor – Group Commercial Director

Representing Build UK on a number of Government Committees, Mark is determined to challenge and improve the way the industry operates in terms of commercial agreement and fair reward. Within Osborne Mark is introducing a number of working practices directed at providing certainty of outcomes for our customers.

Mark is leading our Supply Chain Strategy and has introduced the initiative of an early payment facility to ease the cash burden on our suppliers’ activities. Under Mark’s guidance we have also jointly developed a web based platform simplifying contract administration and payment applications for our supplier chain.

Mark ensures that our governance and assurance protocols are structured to meet customers’ specific needs and where appropriate he will proactively highlight where potential risk and exposure may exist for our customers through the procurement options and terms adopted.

Mark is also working with our insurers to explore different ways of reducing the total cost of project insurance, to help reduce the financial burden of insurance on the supply chain and our customers.

Mark is a Fellow of the RICS.