98% of our Customers recommend us

Our recent Customer Survey revealed that 98% of our customers would recommend us. For more information, download the 2017 Customer Survey Results infographic.

Riverside Way Student Residence

“I was hugely impressed by the sheer quality of the accommodation provided for new students arriving in our city. Things have changed a bit since I was a student in Liverpool in the 1990’s. River Side Way is superb so if the new development on Andover Road is similar, we’re going to be very well served. It was good to see that coming together and finally have progress on the new safe pedestrian route alongside it out of the station which has been a long-running issue for my constituents.”

Steve Brine MP
Winchester and Eastleigh


Mercers’ Walk

“Throughout the scheme the myriad of local residents and occupiers were kept notified and involved and the client received several compliments from locals residents on how well the site was managed and how pleased they were that disruption was less than they had expected.”

Paul Boden
Hanover Cube


Repairs and Maintenance Contract – Dacorum Borough Council

“We work as a partnership.  Due to the information sharing and co-location of staff from both organisations in the same building is has meant the strategic approach for repairs and maintenance has been able to kick in really early.  That’s been really important because the whole idea of a total asset management contract is carry out work in a more strategic way which has greater benefits for our tenants.”

Elliott Brooks
Assistant Director, Housing Service
Dacorum Borough Council


University Building and College Construction

Barnet and Southgate – Collindale Campus

“Osborne quickly integrated themselves with the project team and Employer, and played a pivotal role throughout the project, helping to ensure a successful completion in a timely and pragmatic manner.”

Michael Darling
Associate, Cost and Project Management UK


Chichester Festival Theatre

“The reopening of our Theatre just 21 months after its demolition began is the culmination of an experience that has been exciting, memorable and at times extremely challenging! It’s an incredible achievement to have reopened the building on time, having met our fundraising target. I am immensely proud of the hard work undertaken by our architects, building team and contractors. Our goal was to safeguard this building for the next generation and we’re thrilled to have achieved this.”

Alan Finch
Executive Director