A Few Myths About Modular Parking Systems You Should Rethink

A word that springs to mind when you think about modular parking systems might be ‘functional.’ There’s nothing wrong with that. The purpose of a new car park is generally to solve a parking problem cost-effectively and to start generating revenue for owners and operators as quickly as possible.

We’re proud of the fact that our modular parking solution passes those ‘functional’ tests with flying colours. But there’s more to it than that. Modular parking systems can also be attractive.

First of all, the engineering-led approach to car park design makes the optimum use of available space. In several cases, we’ve been able to reduce the number of parking decks needed while retaining the same number of spaces. The design of the car park is then cheaper and much less obtrusive.

Modular Car Parks that Blend In

Sympathetic landscaping can be integrated into the design from an early stage to help the parking facility blend with the surroundings. The lower profile of the structure and the fact that construction costs are significantly cheaper allows designers plenty of scope.

A wide range of cladding options ensures that the modular parking system doesn’t look out of place among existing buildings.

Seeing is Believing

A good example of this approach in action is the modular parking solution installed at Uxbridge Business Park. The owner wanted an architecturally influenced, permanent parking solution that was cost-efficient, quick to erect and flexible enough to accommodate future expansion and electric vehicles.

The solution added three separate single parking decks built upon existing car park surfaces. A small number of pad foundations were needed with the majority of the structures installed with no foundations using Osborne and Siderpark’s patented modular parking system.

Bespoke cladding was designed in consultation with the scheme architects to echo the aesthetics of the surrounding buildings. All in all, the additional parking facility blends perfectly into a 72-acre site that features office accommodation, parkland and leisure facilities.

A High-Quality Solution

The other myth about modular parking systems is that they compromise on quality. All we’ll say here is that the unique Osborne-Siderpark solution is designed to be largely maintenance-free. There’s a design life of 50 years and no maintenance at all for the first 20.

With the Osborne and Siderpark modular system, we are able to dispel the myths of unattractive, lower quality modular car parking whilst building on the acknowledged strengths of speed, flexibility and cost-saving that modular parking systems bring. It really is time to rethink those myths.

Find out more by visiting our modular car park resource centre, or contact Barry Goss ([email protected]).