Car Park Design – The Art Of Engineering More Spaces Into Less Space

There’s more to designing a car park than most people realise. This matters. The difference can be measured in more efficient land use, reducing the number of decks needed and cost savings of up to 40%.

The typical approach of many architects is to treat a car park like a box. The footprint, typical parking space density and the total number of spaces required are all known. Applying a simple formula means you need x number of decks. Or does it?

In reality, a car park is more complex than that. To optimise the use of space you need to identify entry and exit points, analyse car park

usage data such as dwell times, understand traffic flows and apply creative thinking.

Longer dwell times, for example, reduce the need for circulation space because there will be fewer cars looking for a space or trying to exit at a given time. If there is a peak time for arrivals – such as the start of the working day – this will also influence the layout and traffic flow.

The most efficient layout of parking spaces is never the same from one car park project to the next.

Save Space, Save Money

Here are a few examples of how Osborne, working with specialist car park design engineers, has saved time and money for our customers by engineering a more efficient use of space.

  • A new 216 space car park for the Institution of Engineering and Technology was originally designed with three split decks. Osborne was able to convert the plan to a much simpler single deck design without losing any spaces.
  • An 800 space car park for an NHS hospital was originally designed with ground-level plus four decks. Osborne re-engineered the design to need ground level plus two decks, while still retaining 773 spaces. This reduced the cost from £15m to £8m and significantly reduced the construction programme.

Engineering the most efficient car park design isn’t straightforward. But these examples show how a dive into the details saves significant time, cost and complexity.

See the below example of one our our client’s car parks:

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