How Many Consultants Does It Take To Build A Car Park?

The title of this piece isn’t the opening line of a joke. It’s actually a serious question.

Layers of consultants involved throughout the planning and design process for a new car park could include the following:

  • Architects
  • Car park consultant
  • Cost consultant
  • Project consultant
  • M & E consultant
  • Planning consultant
  • Landscaping consultant

Each of these will have their own fees and margins to take care of. Not only that, every additional layer of consultancy creates an added communication interface (and risk) that has to be managed.

The multi-layered car park consultancy model is inflexible because each party is primarily concerned about their stage of the project rather than the overall effectiveness. It lends itself to a ‘this is what you asked us to design’ approach, rather than ‘we looked at what you want to achieve and here’s a more economical solution’.

Streamlined Car Park Solutions

So the next question is, whether you need to accept this level of complexity and the costs that come with it, or is there a simpler and less expensive alternative?

The Osborne-Siderpark modular parking solution involves working with a specialist from the outset and having a single point of contact throughout the project. It doesn’t just simplify the construction phase of building a new car park, it streamlines the entire process from the initial concept to completion and handover.

Amalgamating different specialisms and choosing modern modular methods over traditional construction saves time and cost. Integrated project delivery also frequently identifies opportunities to simplify projects. In practical terms this can mean fewer decks or the same number of spaces fitted into a smaller deck.

The approach and the technology are all about removing complexity and the number of car park consultants you need to deal with. It’s focused on offering the shortest and least expensive route to the best outcome.

Are you an architect who’s been contacted by a client for a car park? Come and talk to us first and see how we can improve your client’s experience.

Find out more about our integrated and streamlined approach to creating car parks by visiting our modular car park resource centre, or contact Barry Goss (barry.goss@osborne.co.uk).