How to Bring New Car Park Revenue on Stream Quickly – Even if you Don’t Have Much Space

Finding a parking space around many stations and transport hubs can be difficult. At some times of day it can be impossible. That adds up to frustration for travellers, more congestion and potentially significant lost revenues for operators.

Vacant land that could be turned into a car park is often simply not available. If it is available, the acquisition cost may be prohibitive.

Sometimes parking is an enduring problem. Sometimes it’s a temporary issue during construction or maintenance works, which can cause significant issues with traffic circulation and people’s ability to access the public transport system. In either case Osborne’s modular steel-framed solution can bring one or two decks of additional parking into operation with minimal delay.

The modular system can be installed directly on top of an existing car park surface without the need for foundations. This doesn’t just save time and expense, it also means that you don’t have to worry about underground obstructions or services. It’s also no problem if the ground beneath the car park is an archaeologically sensitive site.

The Advantages of Modular

Being modular and not needing foundations means that the car park structure is easy to dismantle and erect on a new site if needed. Any damage to the structure can also be quickly repaired without having to close large sections of the car park.

The structure can add an additional parking deck to an existing multi-storey car park where there is roof level parking. In other circumstances, such as at Didcot Station, the modular car parking system has provided temporary spaces while a permanent multi-storey car park was built nearby.

A variety of cladding styles ensures that structures blend with their surroundings and can satisfy local planning requirements. This is particularly important where the modular solution is used to provide permanent parking.

The modular system developed by Osborne is a quick and cost-effective way to bring new car parking spaces and revenue on stream to meet long or short-term needs. Find out more here.