How Will People Travel to Work While Covid-19 is Still at Large?

The gradual easing of the coronavirus lockdown will come as a welcome relief to many businesses and individuals. Meanwhile, there are still many unknowns about the spread of the virus and whether there will be further infection peaks and lockdowns. A vaccine still seems some way off and the reality is that we may have to learn to live with the virus in circulation for some time.

As the Job Retention Scheme winds down, more businesses will open their doors and try to work as normally as possible. Opening workplaces is one thing. But there is also the question of how people will get to work safely.

Crowded commuter trains and buses seem to present a perfect opportunity for the virus to spread and cause further flare ups. People may decide for themselves that this is not a risk they want to take, with or without a face covering.

It is likely that passenger numbers will have to be restricted to allow for distancing. And, even before coronavirus, public transport did not always offer the convenience and flexibility that people needed.

The Government is keen for more people to walk or cycle to work. This is good advice, even in normal times. For many, though, distance from home to work will be a problem. Sadly, the UK is not as well equipped as some other countries when it comes to safe, traffic-free cycle routes that could accommodate a significant increase in the number of people using them.

Are Cars the Least Worst Choice?

So, we are left with the private car. For a variety of reasons, this may be not just the preferred, but the only viable option for many people in the short to medium-term. Which raises the question of where they will park?

For many employers, parking was already a contentious issue – too much demand, not enough spaces. Maybe this is a good time to explore options for making more parking spaces available.

Often, adding an additional deck, or two decks, to a surface level car park will solve the problem. Fortunately, Osborne and Siderpark have developed a modular car park solution that can be installed quickly without needing foundations or a lengthy construction programme.

And, because it’s modular, the structure can be easily dismantled and transported to another location or removed if it’s no longer needed. We can help with every stage including design, planning consent, erection and maintenance.

A modular car park may be the simplest way to get around the issue of how your staff can travel quickly and safely to and from work. Find out more by visiting our resource centre.