Modular Car Parks: The Simpler Way to Create Additional Car Parking

Parking spaces are an increasingly valuable commodity. Hospitals, rail stations and town centres frequently suffer from an under-supply of parking. Not only does this mean a poorer experience for visitors it also represents lost revenue opportunities. Reduced capacity on public transport owing to Covid-19 restrictions may increase the demand for parking spaces even further as people prefer to take to their cars.

Despite the obvious need and opportunity, suitable development land for additional car parking can be hard to find. Capital funding to build new parking capacity may also be hard to come by. There is a clear need for a flexible solution that can make the best use of existing space while being quick and simple to implement.

This is where the flexible modular car parking solution from Osborne, in partnership with Siderpark, comes in. It is normally installed without the need to dig foundations. And because it is constructed from modular sections you can easily increase or decrease your capacity to suit demand.

Flexible Design

The modular design has a span width of up to 15m. It is easily adapted to suit usage patterns and dwell times to achieve the ideal balance between parking density, access and vehicle circulation. There are multiple options for the finish and cladding so that the car park can blend with existing buildings or meet any demands imposed by planning.

Flexible Funding

The flexibility extends to funding and operation. You can fund the whole development yourself, fund part of it, or fund none of it and rent the facility. The car parks can be fully or partially automated or completely unautomated depending on your needs.

Flexible Use

There are also opportunities to generate additional revenue from the structure by installing PV canopies and EV charging points. These options can be incorporated into the overall funding package with the car park development.

The ultimate flexibility comes from the fact that the structure is robust enough to be used as a permanent solution, yet easily dismantled if it is needed to meet a temporary parking need.

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