Need More Parking But Can’t Lose Capacity While It’s Being Built?

You need more parking spaces because you currently don’t have enough. You could build upwards and add additional parking decks but that means a lengthy construction project. That would just take your existing car park out of service for months, which you can’t afford to do. The only reason you need more parking is because those existing spaces are already over-subscribed.

It’s quite a dilemma. What you need is more parking, not less. So is there a way to minimise or even eliminate the impact car park construction will have on existing capacity? What if you could have a modular car park solution that can add one or two additional parking decks without the disruption of digging foundations or a lengthy construction process?

Modular For Speed

Using the Osborne and Siderpark modular car parking system, installing the structure to carry additional parking decks takes around ten weeks on average. This is how long it will take for your existing spaces to be brought back fully into operation. Each additional parking deck then takes on average an extra five weeks to be brought into service.

And there are further options to reduce the impact on existing parking capacity by harnessing the flexibility of the system.

Modular for Flexibility

Instead of taking the whole car park out of service (as you would need to do with a concrete structure), you can carry out the redevelopment in sections. You could, for example, develop half of the car park and leave the other half in service. Here’s how the timeline would look if you choose to develop half of your car park at a time:

  • For ten weeks parking operates at 50% of capacity.
  • After ten weeks – 100% of the original capacity restored.
  • After fifteen weeks – 50% extra capacity operational.

If you still need more capacity you can repeat the process on some or all of the remaining space.

If You Can’t Afford to Reduce Capacity, Even Temporarily, What Then?

In most cases, ten weeks of inconvenience is a reasonable trade-off for the longer-term benefits. If you really can’t be without any of your existing spaces you still have options. If there is land nearby that you own or could rent for a short period, ‘festival parking’ is the answer. This matting-based mesh is durable enough to create usable parking facilities during the initial phase of the project.

The speed and flexibility of the Osborne-Siderpark modular car parking system brings opportunities to expand car park capacity with minimal impact on existing facilities.

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