No Going Back – Is This a Turning Point for the Construction Sector?

Out of uncertainty and upheaval comes change. But what will that change look like for the construction sector?

The construction industry faces uncertainty on several fronts. Covid-19 has changed how we are able to work – and will for the foreseeable future. We also have a looming Brexit that threatens to disrupt supplies of materials and labour.

The industry is learning to adapt. Digitally-enabled ways to link remote teams and deliver projects are becoming the norm. New ways of working are replacing ones that are no longer feasible or economic. And innovative approaches are finding ways to make up lost ground on stalled projects.

But is reacting enough?

Rather than just preparing for what comes next, shouldn’t we turn it into an opportunity? Now is the time to work together to shape the future that we want to see. This future should be molded around the outcomes that will ensure we have a sustainable and prosperous sector – one that makes a positive impact on the built environment and society.

The policy environment in which we work is changing too. There is greater focus on whole life value, safety, net zero carbon and social value. These are all trends that Osborne supports and welcomes.

The industry has a once in a generation opportunity to help shape what the future looks like. We can influence how these objectives are delivered in practice and how they can be reinforced through reformed procurement practices and collaborative project delivery.

The industry has talked a good game for many years about collaboration, innovation, integrated supply chains and streamlined delivery. There’s never been a better opportunity to put all of that into practice and shape a different kind of future that offers greater stability and prosperity.

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