Sharing Our Passion for What We Do Inspires the Engineers of Tomorrow

Back in 2019, the Institution of Engineering and Technology published a study that showed a 10% drop in interest in science among 9-12 year olds. We know that capturing the imagination of students when they are young is vital if they are to develop an interest in STEM careers.

Overall, only 13% of girls would consider a career in engineering and 11% in technology. The country needs more engineers coming through the education system and as much diversity as possible. And by dismissing STEM subjects, many students are not realising the opportunities for stimulating and well paid careers from an early age.

As an industry, we can’t leave it up to somebody else to kindle interest in engineering careers. After all, we have the best asset possible when it comes to selling the opportunity – a group of practicing engineers eager to share their enthusiasm and love of what they do.

Osborne STEM Ambassadors

Osborne has been engaged with STEM programmes for schools for many years and has a core group of STEM Ambassadors. We were looking for a programme we could run that would inspire students in their mid-teens to stay engaged with science and technology subjects.

So when Mabey Hire approached us to become partners in their STEM Education Programme we jumped at the chance. The programme uses LEGO® Education materials and a bespoke ‘mission mat’ as a basis for a range of fun and stimulating engineering activities. Working with the Mabey Hire programme is also very much in line with our collaborative approach.

We ran the programme over 16 weeks at the Mountbatten School in Southampton, which is close to our M27 worksite. The school targeted a group of 12 capable students who were at risk of dropping out of key STEM subjects at GCSE. If you drop science and technology subjects at this age it’s almost impossible to pick them up again.

Using the Mabey Hire STEM programme and resources the students explored gears, balancing, levers and supports, and made tower cranes, cars and bridges. They also developed problem solving and teamwork skills to reach a goal.

Joining the programme was a significant time investment for Osborne. It was one that our STEM Ambassadors were happy to make because they all feel passionate about what they do and the opportunities that engineering careers bring.

Feedback shows that 95% of students who take part in the programme would consider an engineering career. As life in schools returns to normal, we’re looking forward to running many more of these programmes to inspire the next generation of engineers.

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