Supporting the Mental Health of our People

It has been a very busy year of activities designed to support our people’s mental health and wellbeing.  We recognise mental health is an enormous challenge but we are confident we are taking the right steps.

Our performance has been independently assessed through MIND’s Mental Health Index and we are very proud to have achieved a Silver “Achieving Impact” Award. Our score of 69% ranks Osborne 26th out of 103 in the UK survey across a variety of industry sectors.  This is testament that we are doing the right things towards winning the battle against mental health.

MIND commented; “This report shines a spotlight on some of the excellent work being delivered by your organisation and shows your on-going commitment to making the mental health of your employees a priority.”

So what have we learned this year?  To make meaningful progress the business mind-set has to be one that applies the focus and attitude of Mental Health Week every day of every week of every month.  This has never been more important than right now with the anxiety and upheaval of Covid-19 bringing a new set of mental health challenges.  Some of the measures we have adopted to support our people include;

  • We have launched a Thrive App for mental wellbeing support. This provides 24/7 personal support, tailored to the individual’s needs with guides, sessions and games to boost wellbeing. It provides the ability to set and track personal wellness goals to help detect, prevent and manage stress.
  • A ‘Being My Best – Building Personal Resilience’ e-module is one of many learning tools contained in our interactive Learning Management System ‘Your Learning’. Other materials cover topics such as assessing mental wellness, working remotely and recognising stress in your team.  These resources are accessible anywhere at any time through our Learn App.
  • We have reached over 100 in-house Mental Health First Aiders with representatives across all parts of our operating businesses and corporate services functions. Their willingness to help and support others is inspirational.
  • An extensive Employee Assistance Programme ‘Supporting You’ is available to our people and their families.
  • We operate a ‘Doctor On Hand’ service for all members of our Private Health Care Scheme that provides voice or video call access to a trained GP.

Mental Health is a 24/7 365 days a year issue and can strike and overwhelm even the most unsuspecting.  Our support systems are ready and accessible to help all our people at the very second that help is needed!