The Framework Review is an Important Boost for the Construction Playbook

From my point of view, the construction industry ended a difficult 2020 on a bit of a high with the publication of the Construction Playbook. It emphasizes how a prosperous future for the industry – and the nation – lies in fresh thinking and collaboration between multiple stakeholders.

The fact that the Playbook was put together through a considered process that involved Government and the industry points the way. This is exactly the spirit we need. We all have a role to play in the transformation to a greener and more productive sector. The more we can work together the sooner we’ll get there.

Ultimately though, nothing changes if people continue to buy the same solutions in the same way. It won’t surprise anyone who knows me if I reiterate that procurement is the key that opens the lock. That’s not a criticism of procurement teams who do a difficult job restricted by the parameters they’ve been set. We all have a stake in finding better ways of working.

So I was particularly heartened by the news that the Government has launched an independent review of public sector frameworks.

This recognises the reality that procurement teams will need help and guidance when it comes to reforming practices that were decades in the making. It makes perfect sense to study and document the characteristics of framework agreements that drive the desired behaviours and deliver the outcomes we want to see.

Professor David Mosey is leading the review that seeks to establish:

  • the components of a ‘gold standard’ against which new proposed frameworks and framework contracts can be measured
  • standard contract terms that support the new gold standard
  • training packages to enable adoption of the new gold standard

Achieving these goals will be transformational. A thorough review by somebody with the respect of both Government and the industry is a more certain pathway to success than leaving individual procurement teams to work out the details for themselves.

As we can, at last, start to look forward to a future where Covid is under control we need to maintain the momentum behind sector reforms. The Framework Review can only help.

View the Construction Playbook here