The Reality of Post-Covid Transport Means More Demand for Parking

As the first peak of Covid-19 infections passed, the UK started the process of getting back to business as usual. While some are still able to work from home, for many it means a return to the workplace. But Covid-19 hasn’t disappeared even though offices and other workplaces are starting to fill up.

Maintaining social distancing, particularly on public transport is an important aspect of keeping the virus under control. These controls are likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future. While some of the travel burden has shifted from public transport to bikes it’s clear that traffic levels in towns and cities are rapidly approaching pre-Covid levels.

Winter Travel Choices

And what will happen over the winter months? Cold, dark mornings and evenings will be a less appealing prospect for all but the most hardened cyclists. And, of course, much of the expanded cycle lane capacity is temporary. It doesn’t always feel safe to members of the public and some towns and cities are already starting to remove their pop-up cycle lanes.

It’s probably no coincidence that there has been a recent spike in car sales. And as people choose to return to work in private cars, it raises the inevitable question of where they will park. Employees obviously want to park close to their workplace at a reasonable cost. If parking capacity was stretched before the Covid lockdown, it’s likely to be even worse afterwards.

A Simple Solution to Car Parking Shortages

Fortunately, there is an answer that many businesses could implement quickly and without the disruption of a significant construction project. Surface level car parks can easily gain one or two additional decks using a modular parking system.

The system developed by Osborne and Siderpark uses a steel frame that doesn’t need foundations. It can be installed in a matter of weeks to double or treble the number of spaces. It is the fastest and most efficient way to bring additional parking capacity on-stream. The service from Osborne and Siderpark includes everything you need to design your new car park capacity and get it up and running quickly.

The other advantage of the modular system is that it’s easy to dismantle if more people in future decide it’s safe to return to public transport or adopt other modes of transport.

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