There are Many Paths to Greater Knowledge

The more we learn, the better we become at delivering the quality and value our customers need. And in the modern construction industry, there is so much to learn, on so many different levels; there’s no hope of keeping up unless continuous learning is deeply embedded in your culture.

Every day, across multiple projects, our people, supply chain partners and the other organisations we touch, overcome problems. They have ideas for how things could be done better, more efficiently and more safely. Those experiences become learning opportunities only when they can be captured and shared.

That’s why we developed the Improvement Opportunity App (IO App). Ideas and opportunities can be instantly captured through any device and put into a formal review, feedback and action process. We created the app and the process because any ideas not instantly captured are often lost forever. And a visible process reinforces to everyone that their input is valued.

Better Quality People Deliver Better Outcomes

We cannot deliver what our customers and society at large expect from our projects without the very best people. We attract, develop and retain the very best through a strategic recruitment alliance, along with established links to universities and schools. This provides consistency to the competency, diversity and behaviours of new people.

Once on board, the ‘Your Learning’ system allows individual access to competency assessments, training, upskilling and development, complete with accurate records. The other key benefit of ‘Your Learning’ is to support knowledge sharing within our business and across our partner organisations.

The next few years will bring major changes in how we think and operate. We welcome and embrace this. An increasingly diverse workforce, along with emerging technologies and new working practices are pathways to improved quality in everything we do. Our aim is always to exploit evolving technologies and techniques. We must continue to learn quickly from experience and use this to improve performance.

Digital Construction

Behind our determination to be an organisation that is always learning is the realization that we must make the transition to a fully digitally-enabled industry. And we must deliver this transformational change within the next decade.

Digital tools are already improving the way we deliver projects. Communication Apps and systems, specialist design software, manufacturing automation, cloud-based systems, cutting edge robotics, VR and artificial intelligence will increasingly transform how we work. There’s plenty we must continue to learn so we can embrace digital technology to improve customer outcomes.

With so much to learn and so much at stake, a single system or initiative will never take us where we need to be. There are many paths we must follow as we continue to build a learning culture throughout our organisation.

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