To Serve a Community, You Need to Be Part of It

A repair and maintenance operation should be all about serving the needs of a community. When the partner delivering the service is fully immersed in that community, it stands to reason that the benefits experienced by residents will be greater and longer lasting.

Maybe it’s because Osborne is a family-run business rather than a corporation, but community engagement is second nature right across our business. Our repair and maintenance partnerships are a great opportunity to make that engagement long-term, deeper and more beneficial to everyone involved, which is very much in line with our core values.

Our Community Investment Team actively engages with schools, colleges and young people to build and maintain relationships. As and when Covid-19 restrictions ease, we look forward to creating new opportunities to connect with the people in the communities we serve.

What We Do

What type of schemes do we become engaged in? Here are a few recent examples:

  • Due to Covid-19, we’ve adopted new ways of working to ensure that we can deliver our ‘Personal Development for Employment’ course online, identifying individual strengths, offering career advice and support for our local communities.
  • Supporting Active Me 360 in delivering football sessions for children in the Winchester Area to promote health and wellbeing.
  • Colleagues and partners at offices in Slough joined the Virtual Giving Tree for local charity Hestia.

Our engagement with schools and colleges includes supporting careers fairs and employability skills workshops. Within our repair and maintenance partnerships, we always make it a priority to recruit locally and to promote local supply chain partners wherever possible so that we build a positive legacy.

Delivering social value through our contracts is part of our purpose. The programmes we engage in are valued by our teams as a way to give something back. Our commitment to the communities we serve is just one example of why we are a repair and maintenance partner with a different approach.

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