Our approach to commercial property is simple: we put the needs of the customer first. We are a considerate contractor who adopts a collaborative and a non-adversarial approach. We appreciate that customer changes may occur and we aim to remain flexible throughout the project development while maintaining excellent financial control.

Most significantly, we understand the challenges of potentially congested sites and surrounding neighbourhoods. We pride ourselves on safe sites without compromise. We aim to ensure that the construction process causes minimal disruption and that the project is completed to the very highest of standards.

We collaborate with all members of our delivery team, from suppliers to design partners, to achieve project goals in the most efficient way. The culture of information sharing has proven benefits, allowing us to:

  • Early risk identification.
  • Better risk management
  • Improved cost certainty.
  • Improved programme delivery.

Mixed Use

This sector, more than many others, draws upon the broad range of knowledge and expertise across construction, engineering and maintenance that exists within Osborne. It suits our consultative and partnership approach due to its complexity and sensitivity across the different end users.

Our flexible and open approach when working with developers, development agencies, urban regeneration companies, funders, consultants and stakeholders gives our customers confidence in our ability to deliver.


What may look like a simple office block on the outside often does not convey the complexities and challenges of creating an effective, adaptable work space for tenants. With companies embracing modern methods of working, flexible hours and better work/life balances, office space must be suitable for different needs, yet still improve performance through greater efficiency and workforce interaction.

Plumstead Library


Regeneration of brownfield sites within our cities and towns accounts for over two thirds of new developments and is on the increase.  Expertly managing the constraints to reduce project risk and maximise return is vital.  Whether it’s central London or a provincial town our range of specialist planning, design and construction experience will maximise development opportunities.

Structural Refurbishment

We have extensive experience of successfully carrying out complicated refurbishment projects in London requiring an excellent standard of finish. Often in restricted locations, with multiple stakeholders and occupied buildings surrounding the site, these projects require careful planning, consultations with our supply chain and preferred temporary works specialists, and regular liaison with the neighbourhood.

Listed Buildings Renovation & Commercial Property Construction

Listed Buildings

We work with Historic England and other specialists to develop innovative and cost effective approaches. Our capacity to combine traditional techniques, sourcing bespoke materials and products, and to integrate modern technology are essential aspects of our role as a construction partner in this type of building.

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