What may look like a simple office block on the outside often does not convey the complexities and challenges of creating an effective, adaptable work space for tenants. With companies embracing modern methods of working, flexible hours and better work/life balances, office space must be suitable for different needs, yet still improve performance through greater efficiency and workforce interaction.

Our office experience covers new build and refurbishment schemes for a variety of private customers. The challenge is often to overcome the limitations of building-related constraints while finding ways to maximise a building’s potential. An effective refurbishment scheme will produce the combined benefits of rental uplift for better-quality space and an increase in lettable floor area.

Our consultative approach is driven by understanding our customers’ objectives and creating solutions, often combining our construction and engineering expertise. Our ability to work with consultants to plan and sequence an office construction programme that balances safety and stability with speed of construction is highly valued by our customers when their income is at stake.

Covid Secure Office Design and Fit-Out

Covid-19 has prompted a fundamental rethink of how office space is used. The virus is going to be with us for some time, along with the risk of future spikes in infection rates. Returning to office layouts that maximised the number of workstations per unit area will probably never happen.

Redesigning your office space now will make your business more resilient in the face of future disruptions.

For any business with an urgent need to adapt office spaces to ensure they are safe, inviting and perfectly matched to new work patterns, there is now a rapid, integrated design and fit-out service.

Covid Secure Office Space Animation

As the country gradually returns to work and offices begin to reopen, we can’t lose sight of the fact that the Covid-19 virus is still in circulation. It’s in everyone’s interests to get back to business as normal, but employees still have to be safe. Employers are accountable when it comes to deciding whether their office environment is Covid-secure. To properly discharge your responsibilities, you may have to completely redesign your workspace with expert input.

Watch our short animation to find out how you can make your office space Covid-secure.