Affordable Homes

We’ve been constructing social, affordable and intermediate rent housing across London and the South East for over 30 years, in collaboration with local authorities and social housing partners.

In 2016, 88% of our housing units were affordable. These homes must be sustainable and flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the end users.

We have expertise in applying innovation and modern methods of construction (MMC), including panelised offsite manufacturing, to affordable housing projects. These methods deliver improved quality control, faster speed of construction, cost efficiencies and reduced site waste.

Homes created with these methods are highly energy efficient (up to Passivhaus). Together with smart meters they offer low energy bills and high comfort levels.


Osborne has extensive experience of delivering housing projects using modular construction, including cross laminated timber (CLT), light steel frame, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and bathroom pods. Both CLT and SIP systems combine good thermal comfort and airtightness with low thermal bridging losses. Modular construction also reduces labour costs, onsite work, deliveries and disruption. Build times are faster and more certain.

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