Adaptable, Component-led Designs

We are fully committed to helping the Construction Industry become as sustainable as possible and reduce our carbon footprint. Together with our partners we have delivered multiple lower carbon construction projects for education, residential and healthcare clients.

Osborne’s operations are wholly UK-based. We also have an established network of supply chain partners who share our commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction. This means we are well-positioned to manage and reduce carbon emissions at every stage of the process including transportation.

Residential - Flexihomes

With our residential systemised housing we have the potential to directly deliver 47% of the net construction costs from within our Osborne Group. The fabric first approach and increased Pre-Manufactured Value (PMV) also minimises operational CO2.

Osborne’s investment in production and digitisation at our Coventry offsite facility enables the adoption of building components with 55% and above PMV (pre-manufactured value).

Education - InForm

The InForm standardised solution delivers 68% pre-manufactured value, maximising the benefits of lower carbon design and in house MMC capability. InForm fully meets the boundaries of the DfE funding model and minimises both embodied and operational carbon through the RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessment stages.

With our InForm standardised solution 58% of the embodied carbon is sequestered/stored within the timber over the building’s life. On average, Timber solutions have 75% less embodied carbon than masonry and metal-based build methods.

Our offsite manufactured component tolerances of InForm achieve improved air tightness of 3m3/hr/m2@50 pascals. Our thermal modelling demonstrates the thermal bridged solution achieves external wall U-value: 0.15W/m2K reducing energy usage and carbon emissions.

Understanding this detail really is the only way for us to collaborate and provide a sustainable low carbon school estate for future generations.

Education – Purpose Built Student Townhouse Accommodation

Osborne’s student townhouse accommodation model has been developed to provide high quality student accommodation that utilises land most effectively with the design and maximises the advantages of offsite lower carbon construction methods.

Our model offers low carbon solutions throughout the construction process, cost in use and is incorporated into the specification stages of the build process (heat pumps, PV, waste water heat recovery).

The low-rise student townhouse model is a highly flexible approach, designed to fit into unconventional or hard-to-access areas where high-rise buildings are not appropriate, as well as additions to existing accommodation blocks. With the additional ability to adapt the exterior, our townhouse model blends seamlessly with its surroundings.