Everything we do in respect of community investment is aimed at leaving a lasting legacy and the foundation for future success. Through every partnership we work collaboratively with our customers and their resident customers to determine the social value and community investment initiatives that will make the biggest difference.

We then plan community investment activities and initiatives to increase opportunities for training, employment and skills investment, as well as community regeneration projects or collaborative partnerships with third sector organisations to deliver increased social value.

On long term contracts, these initiatives are developed into a strategic community investment plan. These plans align with our training, recruitment, and supply chain plans for the contract to maximise the value delivered in respect of employment, the environment, and local economies. Planning and delivering these initiatives jointly with customers makes a bigger impact.

Over a 10 or 15 year contract term (like our partnerships with Dacorum Borough Council), we take a strategic approach to investment. We look holistically at everything that we are doing, asking the question: ‘Is what we are doing making a long term difference?’ We then can ensure that everything we do will leave a tangible lasting legacy in both individuals’ lives and in the communities where we work.

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