Social Housing Compliance

Can you track social housing safety compliance data efficiently? And are you 100% confident, 100% of the time, that all homes are safe for residents and meet the required standards for human habitation?

The compliance task is made more complex when multiple organisations deliver property services and each has their own way of collecting and presenting key data.

With the new Building Safety Bill likely to be enacted into law in 2023, there will be wide-ranging changes to building safety laws. The legislation will further raise the profile of safety compliance for social housing providers who should be taking urgent steps to put compliance and risk management on a firm footing.

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It is more important now than ever to make sure you are on top of your compliance data.

The Solution to the Housing Compliance Data Challenge

In response to the increasing expectations around housing compliance and the cruciality of being on top of compliance data, we are developing a product that will make managing this data more efficient and trustworthy.

Individual organisations delivering property services typically have their own systems for capturing vital compliance data for your housing stock. The planned compliance product  can take all of those feeds, extract the key information and present it with absolute clarity. You then get an accurate picture of your compliance status. You can make decisions and plans based on consolidated and robust data you can trust.

The data format doesn’t matter. Even if compliance data is presented in PDF documents, we can extract what you need and organise it into a crystal-clear data dashboard.

Osborne Complete Housing Compliance

Osborne is developing a software tool that will consolidate all the compliance information a Local Authority or Housing Association might need on the portfolio of housing they manage. In the past, it has been a case of collating data from lots of different sources and generally not having any forward visibility on inspection dates. This tool will make their life easier and manage compliance/maintenance budgets more effectively.

If you would like more information and the opportunity to be involved in testing our compliance data management product and services, please fill out the form to register your interest.

Social Housing Compliance - A Data-Driven Future

The Internet of Things (IoT) opens the possibility of remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. Technology also exists to monitor the internal environment of a home for conditions that lead, for example, to damp and mould.

To enter this increasingly data-driven future you first have to take control of the compliance data you already have. Contact us to start this journey.

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