Responsive Repairs

‘Responsive’ doesn’t just mean carrying out repairs quickly and efficiently, it also means being fully responsive to residents’ needs and preferences.

Our responsive repairs service is based around three clear principles:

  • The service should be easy for residents to use and designed to minimise inconvenience
  • Repairs should always be completed correctly the first time and designed around the needs of residents as well as assets.
  • Performance data should be shared openly and used to drive up standards

Osborne has always understood the value of having a strong resident voice and placing residents at the heart of everything we do. This is never more important than with fire safety regulations and gas compliance.

During mobilisation we work closely with customers, elected members and communities to understand how residents want to interact with our service and operatives. We then build a responsive 24/7/365 repairs service and configure our award-winning IT systems around meeting those needs.

Osborne uses advanced IT systems to plan and manage repair resources, accurately diagnose repairs, schedule appointments, despatch jobs to operatives and log completion. Customer satisfaction data is gathered immediately through our operatives’ PDAs.

Detailed demand analysis reports identify patterns and those properties reporting high volumes of repairs. We can then develop targeted preventative maintenance strategies. These address root causes and reduce future repair costs as part of the total asset management approach.

In Touch & Call Centre

Osborne believes that the experience of contacting our customer service team and interacting with our people should match the standards set by the best customer service organisations in any sector. Online technologies and mobile apps are delivering exciting enhancements to the ways that residents can request repairs and provide feedback on our service.

Osborne has invested heavily to develop In Touch. This fully integrated system combines a range of specialist technologies into a flexible and easily configurable contact and tracking system.