In Touch & Call Centre

Since we implemented our IT solution in 2012, we have increased Right First Time (RFT) rates by 5% and customer satisfaction by 9%. Our integrated IT solution and Customer Service Agents (CSAs) ensure we correctly diagnose repairs through predefined scripts at the first point of customer contact.

Our best practice scripts are developed and refined in line with our ISO 9001 Excellence Model for each element of the service. We can then send the right operative and equipment to deliver the works. Once the works are diagnosed, the order is generated and automatically transferred to our dynamic scheduling system so our CSAs can confirm the appointment with the customer instantly. Our call centre teams are integral to the customer experience. Scripts ensure that any warm handoffs to other customer teams go to the right place to support customer care.

Diagnostic processes are driven by continuous improvement. Our dynamic IT systems enable CSAs to make instant recommendations on how to improve scripts. Updates are rolled out instantly. Our RFT performance is 94%, and we deliver 96% of appointments within priority timescales.

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