Voids/Empty Homes

Growing pressure on social housing waiting lists and the need to maximise revenue makes voids management a high priority in all of our repair and maintenance partnerships.

To minimise the time for which properties are left empty the Osborne ‘key-to-key’ void management process includes a dedicated voids coordinator and dedicated voids operatives.

Our zero-day voids initiative is a three-stage process supported by advanced IT systems. It includes:

  • Planning and pre-commencement
  • Delivery
  • Post completion

This approach consistently beats customers’ target performance levels. It eliminates the communication and planning gaps that can lead to unnecessarily extended void periods, ensuring that badly needed homes are kept in use and that there is continuity of rental income.

Our capabilities cover both minor and major voids, including new kitchen and bathroom installations, which on average are completed 20% below customers’ target times.

Our partnership approach and integrated service delivery allow us to work innovatively so that planned maintenance and voids management work together to manage housing stock more holistically and cost-effectively.