Voids/Empty Homes

Empty homes need to be refurbished as quickly as possible so new resident customers can move in. We work tirelessly to complete work ahead of time so properties can be offered to new resident customers with the minimum of delay, keeping waiting lists short and minimising lost rental income.

Across our contract portfolio, we deliver a fast-tracked ‘key to key’ void process, consistently beating customers’ target levels. Our capabilities cover both minor and major voids, including new kitchen and bathroom installations completed 20% below customers’ target times (on average).

We work with our customers to streamline the joint void processes to drive efficiencies through improved key management, greater ownership of the pre-inspections process and supply chain coordination.

We also improve communication flows, using our IT systems to share vital information between service stakeholders. For many of our customers we deliver responsive repairs together with voids services. With shared information, we can track critical data around compliance, warranties, and asbestos. This lets us offer more joined up services to help customers manage their housing stock more holistically.

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