Osborne has extensive experience of delivering housing projects using modular construction, including cross laminated timber (CLT), light steel frame, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and bathroom pods. Both CLT and SIP systems combine good thermal comfort and airtightness with low thermal bridging losses. Modular construction also reduces labour costs, onsite work, deliveries and disruption. Build times are faster and more certain.

Off-site fabrication improves quality control. The burden of risk shifts from the building site to a highly controlled factory environment where it is easier to manage. Both CLT and SIPs systems use timber sourced from sustainably managed forests and offer environmental benefits by storing carbon.

Osborne has a wholly owned subsidiary, Innovaré Systems Limited, which produces SIP panels (i-SIPS). Customers benefit from our combined engagement from the pre-construction period through every stage of the project.

The Great Eastern Building in Hackney featured eight shared ownership and ten market sale homes on a brownfield site, built using CLT. The benefits included reduced site waste and faster construction time thanks to the early creation of a watertight structure.

On Bryce Lodge in Horsham we designed and built 38 homes using i-SIPs for the floors and roof, which provided extremely high levels of sustainability and thermal efficiency. The use of i-SIPs also accelerated the construction timing. Osborne aligned the design programme with the construction programme and reduced the lead-in time by 50%.