Systemised Housing Solution Introducing Sustainable Social Housing Development

The UK needs much more social housing. It must be affordable, pleasant to live in and economical to heat. And it must be built on a scale not seen for decades.

We know that old methods and ways of thinking cannot meet the demand for new homes. Research by Scape Group cited skills shortages and slow construction as significant barriers faced by local authorities wanting to provide additional social housing.

These significant risk factors, along with cost control, affect the viability of projects. They must be addressed to release the brakes on new social housing provision. The answer is to use modern manufacturing methods within the construction phase, supported by better-integrated processes throughout the project lifecycle.

Osborne and Innovaré

To make this change possible, Osborne has partnered with Innovaré – market leaders in offsite, manufactured construction technologies. We have rethought and re-engineered the process of creating new social housing, from initial feasibility to delivery, combining our construction project delivery expertise with Flexihomes by Innovaré, a new, innovative systemised housing design concept. This delivers a full-service, end-to-end solution for the first time, designed to bring new levels of confidence, affordability with quality and certainty to social housing development.

The partnership behind Systemised Housing brings together Osborne’s experience as a respected and forward-thinking property developer, builder, civil engineering and property maintenance business with Innovaré’s unrivalled ten-year track record of innovation in offsite manufacturing construction technologies.

We created a short animation to show how we are developing affordable, high quality homes without compromising on efficiency or sustainability. Click the button below to watch the animation.

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A Consistent Process with Design Flexibility

The solution features systemised house configurations, ranging from apartments, bungalows and houses, with the scope to develop anything from 1 to 4-bedroom properties. The product and the process bring repeatability and consistency to guarantee quality, costs, timing and building performance.

Flexihomes by Innovaré creates the benefits and economies of systemised designs, with a flexibility and adaptability, so house designs can easily be modified to make the best use of available land, respond to local needs and enhance the viability of projects. This is mass production, modular building without the design constraints of volumetric units.

The Product

All homes feature fully fitted-out bathroom pods. These are manufactured offsite and shipped as completed units to the site. Like the house designs these can be modified to suit individual sites and mixes of tenure. The rest of the structure is formed from Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). These are precision-made in Innovaré’s manufacturing facility.

Panels are shipped for onsite assembly on a just-in-time basis. The built-in thermal performance and tight manufacturing tolerances ensure that the energy efficiency of the finished homes matches the design performance standards. The systemised designs make optimum use of the flexibility of panelised design to simplify the assembly process and reduce waste.

The Process

Feasibility. Early project involvement and accurate cost projections ensure the viability of projects. Our expertise helps accelerate the planning process while balancing land acquisition costs, site suitability, housing density and mix of tenure within a sound business case. We can even assist with funding options if required.

Design Consultancy. Our expertise de-risks projects by helping to ensure that sites are viable, and the available site capacity is fully utilised through the design flexibility of the product.

Design & Build. CAD and BIM methodologies guarantee buildability and building performance. The manufacturing process brings control, simplicity and certainty over costs and build times.

Handover. Fewer defects and comprehensive ‘as-built’ documentation simplify the handover and ongoing maintenance of new homes.

Repeatable and Flexible

Systemised housing, in partnership with Flexihomes by Innovaré has the speed and repeatability of volumetric methods but without the design constraints of building from modules that have to fit on the back of a truck. The designs contain many systemised elements, yet each can easily be adapted to suit individual site dimensions or the required housing density and end user tenure.

Accreditations for systemised components are already in place including BOPAS, LABC, NHBC and Premier Guarantee.