Mixed Tenure

Mixed tenure schemes unite communities by offering different ways of living within one facility, with shared access to the same amenities. This also encourages residents to placemake, building their communities around a place, and to have their opinions and aspirations for their new home heard.

The majority of our residential projects are now mixed tenure. Our high quality standards do not vary across the different tenures. We use efficient project management to ensure the needs of the different users are met and complement each other, while looking to add value and maximise revenue for the local authority or social housing group, where possible.

Through our long standing relationship with The Hyde Group we have delivered over £80m of mixed tenure housing (839 units) over a ten year period.

In Horsham, we handed over 49 flats comprising 35% affordable rent, 53% new build home buy and 12% private tenure to the Southern Housing Group, meeting the varied housing needs of the community.