Covent Garden – Collaboration delivers success for the Mercers’ Company

Covent Garden, London

The Mercers' Company
Covent Garden, London
Two Stage Design and Build

“Throughout the scheme the myriad of local residents and occupiers were kept notified and involved and the client received several compliments from local residents on how well the site was managed and how pleased they were that disruption was less than they had expected.” – Paul Boden, Hanover Cube


The Mercers’ Company wanted to regenerate their central London site at Covent Garden into a new high quality mixed use development of residential and retail units.

The sympathetic design embraced the existing warehouse style to create 3 new five storey residential buildings housing 24 apartments, a new single storey glass and steel retail building and a warehouse conversion to retail use.  The development created a new street and piazza linking Langley and Mercer Streets.

Logistics was the biggest challenge to constructing on such a small footprint in at busy Covent Garden.  With minimal storage and the close proximity of high profile businesses and residents, delivery was made even more challenging when we took on a £1.5m variation during the construction works.