Hackney Customer Services Centre – Delivering both direct and indirect benefits from one project


London Borough of Hackney

Technical design solutions and innovative sustainability features achieve a £250k saving for the London Borough of Hackney.


London Borough of Hackney required a multifunctional, new build Customer Services Centre to deliver a one-stop shop for council services. The Council were very keen to not only build long term sustainability into the new facility being created, but long-term investment in the local community as a consequence of the development project.
Osborne were selected for their ability to deliver on both objectives. The technical credentials had been proven with the completion of the adjacent council office at Hillman Street. The ability to incorporate the wider objectives were demonstrated with the project plan that identified 3 key elements to be considered within the design and build programme:

• Project Value – the build programme needed to incorporate value engineering without compromising the design

• Environmental Value – both in terms of the build programme to meet the Council’s target for 20% renewables, as well as the design of the building for long-term building control and costs

• Social value – ensuring that the project would result in creating employment opportunities for the local community