Ecology – Artificial Badger Setts reduces risk to Rail Embankment at Brockenhurst

Network Rail
IP Southern MFF Framework

The earlier the ecological challenges are understood and mitigated, the more accurate predictions are for project outcomes. This is particularly critical on green field developments and infrastructure corridors where delay is costly and impacts can be significant to the travelling public.


Time was of the essence to stabilise the rail embankment at Brockenhurst in Hampshire to prevent further slippage impacting on passengers.  Unfortunately, the presence of 3 badger setts threatened access for bank stabilisation.

Safely relocating badgers and their cubs during the winter breeding months had its challenges.   Combined with this was the potential for the badgers to set up home further down the embankment thus exacerbating stability.

With this ecological complication and critical timing, implementing an effective and efficient solution was essential to keep the railway operational whilst still protecting the badger’s habitat.

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