Featherbed Lane Road/ Apsley Rail Bridge – Going the extra pile!

Hemel Hempstead

Bovis Homes
Hemel Hempstead
Design and Build NEC3 - Lump Sum

How do you arrive at the best foundation solution against a complex set of constraints?

At Featherbed Lane, railway risk was controlled by engaging the right team at the earliest stage of design development.

All ground risks were interrogated and all methods verified to give 100% confidence in delivery.


Installing foundations for a new road-over-rail bridge within metres of residential properties was challenging.

Every decision during design and construction had to consider the continued safe operation of the West Coast Mainline running beneath the structure. Added to this was the requirement to keep the road into the nearby Manor Housing Estate open throughout construction.

Importantly, the design and installation method had to meet the specific requirements of Network Rail’s Outside Parties Asset Protection Guidelines together with the requirements of the local highway adopting authority, the customer – Bovis Homes and local residents and stakeholders.

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