Health – Building a net zero carbon NHS

The government has reiterated its strategic shift towards an integrated NHS, which partners with local authorities and the voluntary sector to deliver a community focused service.

Added to the challenge the NHS has stated its ambitious target to be the world’s first ‘net zero’ national health service by 2040 with 80% of carbon reduction achieved before 2032, including 40 new build ‘net zero’ hospitals.

Achieving ‘net zero’ will be a significant challenge for the NHS. One third of the embodied carbon of a building stems from the materials and methods of construction making product selection critically important. Additional avoidable carbon savings can be achieved by reducing waste with MMC and off-site systems.

Kingfisher Court – Project of the Year by the Design in Mental Health Network – A modular build that met the Trust’s aims for an energy efficient building with a low carbon footprint and low running costs.

Watford AAU – “At a very early stage of the project Osborne added their experience and knowledge of off-site construction solutions to unlock a number of issues….”. Sarah Wiles, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust