Highways – A46 Binley – Scheme compound – Off-site housing system reaps benefits

Highways England
Regional Delivery Partnership – Delivery Integration Partner

Highways England are delivering major improvements to the A46 at Binley and Walsgrave junctions in Coventry. The scheme is being completed in two distinct phases with challenging delivery targets linked to the environment, safety and efficiencies which will in turn bring wider benefits for social value and sustainability.

To meet the targets for  every aspect of the scheme is under scrutiny and one of the first areas has been the compound office and welfare facility. By taking the early decision to build only one facility from structural insulated panels (SIPS) there have been immediate benefits:

  • Productivity increased
  • CO2 emissions decreased
  • Social Value added

Looking to the future, long duration projects will gain whole life benefits from selecting this off-site panelised housing system for high quality, sustainable site accommodation.

Caroline Hutson, the environmental lead on the A46 scheme explains: “This helps us meet the carbon aims of these schemes and we must practice what we preach by including how we manage our site. First, as this building can maintain an air change rating of 0.6, which is commensurate with a Passive House, it is very low cost to heat. Thus, improving energy efficiency further.”

Gareth Ellison, director at Innovare Systems “ It would be extremely satisfying if we could reuse this structure to benefit the local communities through education and social support. “