Portesbery SEN School – Pupil wellbeing key to build for specialist school


Surrey County Council
Two-stage Traditional

“From the start of our project, the team took the time to really understand the diverse needs of the different groups of pupils. They joined us at school, talking to staff and pupils to fully understand the brief. Their commitment to the project stemmed from this and was maintained throughout.” – Matthew Sartin, Headteacher


Portesbery SEN School’s new build needed to accommodate a great deal of specialist features to ensure that the building reflected the needs of 105 children with physical and mental needs, as well as the very wide age range from 2 to 19 years old.

The project needed a combined approach with equal focus on how a considered design and build process could help the school to get the most out of the project, and a clear insight into the specific needs of the pupils and how they would benefit from an improved environment.

In addition, it remained imperative that the project plan and build process was sympathetic to the highly residential surrounding area.