Railway Risk – Accessing Land for Development at Slough Trading Estate

Slough Trading Estate

Slough Trading Estate
Design & Build NEC3 Option A

It’s more than a bridge – it’s a demonstration of our commitment to continuing to make the Trading Estate the best location with the best infrastructure for current and future customers. It will also play a huge part in attracting the inward investment Slough needs to grow its economy and maintain its status as a worldclass place to do business.” SEGRO’s Business Unit Director for the Thames Valley, Gareth Osborn


Expansion of the estate would maximise SEGRO’s revenue from their property assets, create sustainable economic growth and provide long term employment opportunities for the local Slough and surrounding communities.

The scarcity of rail closure opportunities and associated high costs of closing such a major railway artery to construct a crossing at this location was a major risk to SEGRO’s planned investment programme.