Joint venture student accommodation development in Winchester

Osborne/Amro Joint Venture Partnership
Architecture PLB Ltd
£20M GDV

“I was hugely impressed by the sheer quality of the accommodation provided for new students arriving in our city. Things have changed a bit since I was a student in Liverpool in the 1990’s. Riverside Way is superb so if the new development on Andover Road is similar, we’re going to be very well served. It was good to see that coming together and finally have progress on the new safe pedestrian route alongside it out of the station which has been a long-running issue for my constituents.”  – David Brine, MP


The historic city of Winchester is home to two Universities, and Riverside Way is a response to a shortage of purpose student accommodation in the City, in particular for students of the Winchester School of Art (part of the University of Southampton).

High residential property values across the City have driven a concentrated supply of Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMO’s) into certain areas raising concerns at a resident/political level.   This has been compounded by the limited opportunities for developing purpose built student accommodation in Winchester.

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